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“Funerals, always good opportunity for a catch up.” I shuffled trying to get comfortable on the moss-covered wall that ran around the perimeter of the churchyard.  I was a regular here; this was… Continue reading

As You Were

Stinking Iris

Strolling down a woodland path A skinny twig traced our track in the dust. Surrounded by Forget-Me-Nots, Primroses             and Hawthorn bushes. A Scarlet Pimpernel fluttered round our heads while Birdsong mingled with… Continue reading


I’m one of seven,             the eldest in fact! We were lucky, so people said,             to have each other. But no one ever really knows What goes on behind closed doors. My… Continue reading

Maternal Flame

  I is the only concept you understand, You survive on destruction. Fuelled by envy, enmity             And fear (yours and mine). Any good about you is suffocated, consumed.             Bitter at your… Continue reading

Fifty Shades of Yorkshire Grey

I cant personally take the credit for this but I had to share. Lets face it girls, this is the closest any of your lives have come to ”50 shades” An extract from… Continue reading


I wrote this to commemorate the 476th anniversary of the execution of Anne Boleyn, 19th May 1536. 18th May 1536 Heaven! It seems so near I could touch it. All around me is… Continue reading

Is Britain Today an Ageist Society?

Ageism is defined by The Oxford English Dictionary as “Prejudice or discrimination against people on the grounds of age”. Over the last 25 years Britain has undergone noticeable demographic changes particularly among older… Continue reading

Are the Mayan’s correct? Are we heading for an environmental catastrophe?

According to the ancient Mayan civilisation, the world as we know it will come to an end later this year – 21st December to be precise. This is an essay I had to… Continue reading

The Princess, the Cat and the Lady in Black – A traditional fairytale with a contemporary twist

  Once upon a time, there lived a beautiful, flame haired, princess called Amber. Amber lived in a magnificent white palace, with her father, the King. Amber loved her father very much but… Continue reading